Student Motivation


primary school, History and Geography teacher, 9 years of work experience


When we worked on-line a group of students had switched off their cameras, they were just passive observers, and there was no direct contact between us. I was not sure how to respond. Shall I devote more time to those who do not want to cooperate or to the majority of pupils who are active.

In what ways did you respond to this dilemma/difficulty?

First, I asked them to switch the cameras on but they had new excuses each time for not doing it. I felt helpless and also angry watching the circles with their initials or their avatars on the screen. In the beginning, I tried to solve it through jokes and sometimes it worked. In some cases, the cameras remained turned off in spite of my effort to influence the situation.

What are the implications for teaching, learning and my understanding of the role of a teacher?

I decided to work out a strategy with a special emphasis on the active role of students. If you don’t give them a specific task, most of the work doesn’t get done. I need to learn more about motivation and find something that attracts students. In a digital age, we should take into consideration learning through games, which are appropriate for educational purposes and adjust our teaching strategies to new generations.

Keywords: camera usage, student motivation

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