Reimagining A PosItive Direction for Education.

RAPIDE is an acronym for Reimagining A Positive Direction for Education.

The goal of the project is to underline the enormous energy of educators to adapt to external disruptions. During the Covid pandemic, educators have shown their learning abilities, their creativity and their commitment to learners (head, hands and heart). They were reimagining their educational settings into newly created learning environments, developing them from scratch.

In the RAPIDE project, we want to share this energy and inspire educators.

In this resource you find information in three categories: Explore, Engage and Enable. Materials in each category are meant to inspire you in your own educational practice. However, this is not simply achieved by reading the information. The best results will be derived by applying this in your own practice, preferably with colleagues. This resource will offer you tools to do that.

The information provided here can apply to educators in kindergarten, primary, secondary, vocational or higher education. Examples in this resource may address another context than yours, but you are the one to make a transfer to your own situation or context.

This resource invites you to Explore, Engage and Enable.


You can find stories of other educators from different countries and contexts, who tell about their experiences with distance and digital education..


Here you find tools for a co-coach conversation. Discover how a simple set of questions can make the conversation with a colleague more in-depth.


In this section you are challenged to broaden your view on educational settings. What other sources (in the surrounding area of the school) can be involved in education?

About the project

In remembrance of Dr Susanne Huber

One of us is missing

How many hours, or days per year
Do we meet relatives, or friends
A few times I think, it all depends
On too tight schedules, so I fear

But in projects we more often meet
We work, have breaks, and coffee talks
We share ideas, and make long walks
To find a place for us to eat

Thus, we create a common bond
Not even intentionally so
But we do, and we do make it grow
We are gradually growing fond

And of that we come the more aware
Now that you no longer will be there.

 - Jaap van Lakerveld.

Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University

Leeds, United Kingdom

The Carnegie School of Education is the lead organisation for the RAPIDE project. The RAPIDE project team are Professor Mhairi C Beaton, Professor Rachel Lofthouse, Ms Meri Nasilyan and Dr Diana Tremayne. The project in Carnegie School of Education is located within the CollectivED Centre for Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Learning led by Professor Rachel Lofthouse.

CollectivED Research and Development Centre

Leeds Beckett:

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