WELCOME teachers, teacher educators and educators!

We invite you to explore: broaden perspectives, discover new spaces.

Here you can find stories of other educators from different countries and contexts, who tell about their experiences with distance and digital education.

They share their ideas about technical applications, pedagogical and didactical solutions, social-emotional issues, organizational and management aspects in their teaching practice.

You can use these stories as an inspiration for yourself to explore the way you shape your future education. You can also use them as a starting point for discussion with your colleagues.

Now it's up to you!

An invitation to teachers and teacher educators: Write your own narrative to unravel your practice.

You could follow these topics:


What was a major challenge in your teaching practice?


How did you respond to this?


How do you reflect on your actions?


What new insights did this bring to you?

Share your narratives and engage: connect, commit and collaborate with your colleagues.

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