Innovative Teacher


secondary education teacher of English as another language (students aged 12-18)


How has the pandemic changed my role as an innovator?

In what ways did you respond to this dilemma

My colleagues always emphasize the importance of coursebooks and how we need to incorporate them into our teaching. I have a different opinion as a beginning teacher. In my teaching sessions I refer to programmes such as Quizlet, WRTS, Minecraft and my own websites. I would argue that if I can continue with my present teaching approach, I can make

What are the implications for teaching and learning now that the pandemic is not closing schools?

I feel I can help to open up systems to innovation. I would like a school management that encourages transformative ideas by fostering innovations. I think management can help strengthen professional autonomy and a more collaborative culture where ideas are shared. We need to be open to innovation and think “out of the box”. Everyone should be given a chance to put ideas on the table. The senior leadership should be fully committed. We should have different mixes of pedagogy and assessment that promise to engage students. We should rethink how students come together at different times, re examine such basics as single age, size of classes and diverse forms of team teaching.

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