Facilitating interaction

  • Subject: Portuguese language; Portuguese Literature
  • Experience: 26 years as a teacher
  • Education: secondary education


Students were not confident to speak in the online context, so I needed to find new strategies to motivate the discussion with and among the students.

In what ways did you respond to this dilemma/difficulty?

I opted more for multimedia documents, with small documentaries, which I then discussed with them, what did you see, what did you think. Let's imagine a pre-reading activity, I would always try to get a video, an excerpt from a documentary, and then I would debate a little with them. I also tried not to make these sessions too long, and thus provided more opportunities for independent work.

What are the implications for teaching, learning and my understanding of the role of a teacher?

The use of multimedia documents has made it possible to create more productive work dynamics in online learning contexts, motivating students to talk and to participate in discussions.

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