Collaborative work with colleagues


How to maintain contacts with colleagues and the school community during the pandemic

In what ways did you respond to this dilemma

Contact between colleagues and collaborative work has increased more compared to the pre-pandemic period. We held distance meetings with some regularity and shared materials, especially audiovisuals and or experiences of some software or digital resource, in fact, we even used to authorize access to each other's classes, to share experiences. Interdisciplinarity has also, to a certain extent, increased.

The class councils shared observation and evaluation grids together, with common criteria, where we regulated student attendance, participation in tasks, the software we used, the learning developed, etc., trying to adjust content and have an overview of everything that was happening with the classes. There was a greater union between the teachers and the collaboration with the directive structures and the parents, it was also assertive and consensual, being all aware of the extra effort and generosity of the teachers, for example in not raising any constraint in using their equipment and personal resources from home.

What are the implications for teaching and learning

My school is starting to make its way and to mark its position, betting on digital change at its various levels, prioritizing the use of technologies in the classroom.

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